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Rhema faith world  outreach has been serving the people since 1996 from Seattle Wa. all the way to New Haven Ct. The Leader J.Whitfield has been pastoring since 1984 and the love  he has for the people goes with out saying. The drive to ensure everyone knows Jesus from a AGAPE point of view is the core of this ministry and the people who follow the ministry practices the very core of Jesus teaching . We try to unite the BODY through fellow shipping by teaching them that our doctrine should unite not divide us and that our positions should not define us. We preach Jesus and Him crucified and promote the Leading of the HOLY SPIRIT in all that we do.  Just because We believe and know that JESUS is the TRUTH and the only WAY. We do not force nor demand that all others follow us. We beleive to let the Holy Spirit do His work and lift Jesus up and He will Draw all unto HIM.